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You're Gonna Fucking Die! Roooaaarrr!!! - 92%

TheMoor, August 5th, 2003

After, their descent, but pretty boring self-titled release, Origin now offers us this truly awesome disc. Back on the s/t, it was pretty clear that Origin had potential, but it simply wasen't delievered. The boys are back, and this time, their imense talent has been put to prober use. \m/

This album is totally insane, but in a good way! The whole thing just keeps going at the speed of light for 28 minutes, while somehow remaining fresh all the way through. That truly is what amazes me most about this album, it is not repetitive! The guitar and vocal work is catchy as fuck, but on all the songs manages to have a unique edge, that will keep you happy all the way through.

Did I mention that its fast? This monster is fucking fast. At normal speed, theres probably enough music for a double album here..... And John Longstretch is a fucking machine! How the hell does he keep that up? He must be a cyborg or something...... Seriously, try listening to "Portal", I bet Slipknot could NEARLY pull that off if they cordinated their THREE drummers proberly......

Well, the guitar ain't exactly sloppy either, its (like already said)...... Fast..... That really is the best word for it..... Really fucking fast.... Oh yeah, and the riffs kicks ass too! So that leaves us with the vocals, pretty standard br00tality here I guess. James Lee, while good, really ain't much better than most other br00tal growlers. What really shines about the vocals though, is the almost constant use of higher pitched background growling, heck, them backing vocals could've easily made a black metal album. Anyway, this use of the cool backing vocals make III a much more interesting listen.

The message should be pretty clear by now. If you haven't heard this br00tal experience of awesomness, I strongly recommend that you get going now!