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Good fast death, but nothing new - 78%

Smyrma, October 22nd, 2002

Quite simply, the new Origin record is some of the fastest death metal I have heard in a while. It has a sort of “Reign in Blood” feeling to it: blisteringly fast songs played one after another with no filler. The songs are more memorable than on the last album and new vocalist James Lee is much better than their old frontman, due to Lee’s ability to properly enunciate words, a skill the previous leader needed some help with. This album clocks in at just 28:32; nine tracks of blazing drums, guitar riffs, and low vocals with some of the best backups in metal. I can tell that Origin has definitely matured as a songwriting entity since their last record; the songs on this one are more distinct from their debut. My one complaint about this record is that it's nothing new. They are great technical musicians but as a whole, they don't really do anything that I haven't heard before. So in summary, “Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas” is a furious portion of death metal which represents an extreme of its genre without really bringing anything new to the scene.