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A Complete Masterpeice, Amazing work! - 100%

REINCREMATION, October 26th, 2002

A new deffinition, for a modern age in brutality. Execellence is apparent from the begining. With tempos pushing 260 beats per minute, "Informis, Infinitas, Inhumanitas" displays a type of intensity very few acts can put together with this kind of professionalisim. Drummer, John Longstreth (ex-ANGEL CORPSE) adds a bombastic assult with complete percision and control of tempo and signature, although i think the kick drum recording could of been taimed a bit. The guitars are ferocious, tasteful harmonies, and intense 16th note picking. Paul Ryan and Jeremey Turner put to gether a blistering tornado of riffs that inspires the senses. This cd is topped off with the amazing vocals of James Lee. The lyrics are dark and have meaning, well written, with killer schemes. The package is very professional, killer artwork from Chad Michael Ward. And a huge production thanks to Colin Davis and Chris Djurcic. To me ORIGIN has spewed fourth one of my favorite records of 2002, right up there with the new HATE ETERNAL.