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HOLY CRAP!!!! - 95%

KantQontrolMyself, December 16th, 2003


Dude! These guys are nuts, and I mean in an awesome way! Geez these guys can play!!! The drums are fast as hell, the guitars are riff-heavy at the speed of friggin'-light, and the vocals are sung pretty damn fast, and at a very nice death growl too. The vocals that pop up in the back are very black metalish, but they actually fit well.

Holy crap dude, this album owns my soul. Songs like "Portal" (best song on the album), "Meat For The Beast", and "Inhuman" totally pound and pound at the riffs and drums with such a fast and awesome sound, it'll blow you away! No freaking kidding, and this is pretty much for all the other songs, which is a slight problem. The songs are sort of the same thing, but they're actually pretty unique in they're own way, like "Perversion of Hate" which has a kind of black metal sound to the riffs. "Inhuman" and "Meat For The Beast" have a brief sound clip at the beginning of them, with the angel from Dogma saying "Unless you're dead or are from another plane of existance, you may do well to cover your ears!" (That was awesome!) for Inhuman, and the one for Meat For The Beast I don't know.

The lyrics are actually nicely done. Though not poetic, they fit the style of music they do very well. A lot of the songs involve suffering and death, and for death metal standards, it may seem like an unoriginal thing. WRONG!! Origin has some very "Origin"al concepts in their songs, like Perversion of Hate dealing with the 9/11 tragedy, and Portal dealing with...a portal. Well that's not all of the good lyrical goodness, but it's not like I need to go into depth with it, since for non-death inthusiasts, it'll be VERY hard to understand them. However, if you check a lyrics sight, they actually say almost all of the words perfectly, so that's a definite plus!

In conclusion, Origin is one awesome death metal band! They have great riffs, drums, lyrics, and vocals that'll boggle your mind. I mean DAMN! A lot of the things they play on here seem im-freaking-possible to play, but they do one hell of a job! If only bands like Slipknot could play like this, they'd actually be good. Great job Origin!