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What the hell is that? - 82%

redless, June 27th, 2011

That's what came to my mind 3 seconds after I pushed the play button to listen to "Echoes of Decimation" for the first time. No prologue on this review, in accordance to the lack of introductions this album's got.

If you've ever listened to a song of Origin, you should already know what this album's about. Insane double bass beats, gravity blasts, sick riffs, basslines that will cause a vertigo at least, sciene fiction themed lyrics and insane vocals. The production is great as expected, and every instrument is 100% audible, so the heavy element never really decreases. I think that on vinyl it might be a once in a lifetime experience.

This album is fucking enjoyable. At 26 minutes, it doesn't get boring. Also, during those 26 minutes, this band plays 50 times more notes than a common band would play in 50 minutes - or more. The songs are mostly about mass destruction and all that pleasant sci-fi stuff. The intensity is so great that sometimes you might feel that those guys are not giving you enough space to breathe. And that's what makes this album awesome.
You can listen to it any given time and it will do its job. What is it? I have concluded that every time I listen to this album, before the end of the self-titled track I already find myself thinking all the more quickly and precisely. Maybe that is because the music is just that: godlike speed riffs and incredibly precise drumming, with extremely complex themes and structures.

What this album lacks is variation. Every song is distinct, yet all seem to share a common DNA, which defines 85% of the songs' identity. But, I already told you that it's only 26 minutes. You won't notice.
Overall, if you like brutal, technical death metal with intricate themes, you already know what to do. This is one of the best bands out there. Dig!