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WAAAAAY better than past efforts - 94%

purerockfury, April 6th, 2005

Origin has continued to bring variety to what many would consider monotonous. With several replacements, the Topeka grind heads serve up what one would expect from Origin, but something new. The only noticeably difference would be the lack of Longstrength's frantic grinding beats. Have no fear though. James King does a superb job filling a mighty big shoe. As a matter of fact, King's drumming, while less technically impressive (but not by much) makes a difference in the band's sound. Unlike Longstrength, King doesn't necessarily mimic the guitars note for note. He still shells out fast and pounding beats, but I honestly thing it makes the music more listenable. As for the music in general, this is probably the band's best effort. The arpeggios and each song is still very much like a jack hammer pounding away at your skull, but its seems less repetitive. There are no sound clips opening songs and you can definitely tell that Origin worked hard on making this album the way it is. Also, this album is back by a much better production than in past efforts. As is every Origin album, this one takes a few listens to really enjoy, but less than the last two.