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The burner of all worlds has come to you. - 100%

immortalshadow666, August 28th, 2005

Is what you will feel like after you have been mercilessly pummelled by this death metal monstrosity.

Are you finding yourself wanting something with the technicality and skills of Necrophagist, but are a brutal-head who's tired of their neoclassical wankery and want something to pummel your ears as well? Look no further.

There really is just not much to say about this, but a lot to say about it at the same time. This is not only a pure holocaust of noise, but it is executed with the precision and skill of almost nothing before. This band could probably take a shit through the eye of a needle.

No wasting time with samples or war drums at the beginning, almost instananeously "Reciprocal" blasts out of your sound system at the precise speed and volume of a 747 at full power. This song has the more technical influence in it, just wait for the sweeping of the guitar with James's intense (for lack of a better word) screams over it.

Intense? I don't think there is a word to adequately describe the sheer insanely monstrous, chaotic violence found on this CD, topped off with vocal mastery, James Lee doesn't just mumble and fart his growls (Mortician anyone?), he bellows, he roars like a tortured bull, the ear-piercing shrieks are almost unmatched, and it absolutely doesn't stop.

The highlight of the album is "The Burner" (which is available for download on their official site), the vocals and guitar mastery setting the standard for modern death metal, and that is saying something.

I was told that their drummer has only been playing for 4 years, but with the rabid mix of gravity blasts and technicality, this man is already up there with the likes of Portnoy.

Even the lyrics are above-quality, with thought-out lyrics about spawns, cloning, the apocalypse and human errors and atrocities, instead of just the usual gore/death.

The only potential problem with this CD is that it is all over too quickly, clocking in at just over 26 minutes. However, come the title track, you will be more than satisfied with the disc, and you will have many more spins, that is a promise and a guarantee.

The demented spawn of Necrophagist, Sadistik Exekution and Decapitated is upon us, and you had better watch out. NOT for the faint of heart.