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Somebody please shut this guy up! - 73%

SupremeAbstract, November 23rd, 2007

Brutal death metal is all about the extreme musical performance; precise delivery, technical mastery, and over the top speed, often effortlessly breaking all traditional music barriers without looking back. If that was all it took to make a perfect album, Origin would be perfect. Too bad it takes variation, feeling, and a good vocal performance too. ‘Echoes of Decimation’ has all of the former. Nobody in this band is going to be accused of poor musicianship, ever. They have created one of the tightest sounding albums in recent memory. If only the song writing stayed fresh throughout (which should have been easy, seeing as it is less than 30 minutes long.)

My main complaint with this album would have to be the vocals. No, not the way the sound, I believe he did a very good job. He just never shuts up. Ever. Seriously, I have a hard time finding a single bar of music on this album that does not feature some sort of grunt, scream, squeal, or roar. He basically writes a short novel every time he starts a new song. That would be ok if the songs were 6-8 minutes long, but when they average under three minutes, he ends up cramming them into every second available. Not only that, his patterns are reused from song to song.

The guitar writing on this album is fairly impressive for the most part. A mix of catchy brutality and dissonance similar to Krisiun and Dying Fetus. They never slows down for even a second. But after the first few songs, you start to get the feeling that you’ve heard it all before. Not a lot of variation overall. Bass is just as tight as the guitars but rarely does it do anything but follow them.

The drumming here is fairly standard for brutal death metal, very fast and precise. Some purists may say that his triggered snare and kick drums are cheating, but to keep up the speeds he maintains and sound good it is almost impossible without them. Not highly technical as far as most death metal, but solid.

The overall mix and production is quite good, even by today’s standards. This is what all death metal bands should hope to achieve.

In conclusion, this album is worth a listen a couple of times but I wouldn’t buy it. More or less ruined by vocals.