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Prethesis - 60%

Petrus_Steele, May 14th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2005, CD, Relapse Records

I'm liking the three-year gap between each Origin release since the sophomore album. And now, Echoes of Decimation, three years after Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas has delivered a higher realm of the brutality the band possess, along with their sheer technical abilities, being the godly gravity blasts, technical bass, explosive guitar solos and sweeps, and more death growls. Then there's that evil motherfucker in the album surrounded by clouds of space; hinting the band might've returned to their space-themed artworks, but with character, personality, and consciousness.

The second-longest track, Staring from the Abyss I'd say is overall the best track on the record, giving its song structure, immersed brutality, and sounding original. And while the album contains very short tracks, I found the best one out of the five of them (implying by short I meant all the 2-minute tracks) is Amoeba. It's got a great technical bass and explosive drums.

With all that being said, this album is very short for being an LP; half of the album's song duration is below 2:20 minutes. Quite disappointing and it feels like as if the band didn't want to polish it or have more substance. I'd like the band's music to be long (3+ minutes) and memorable, not short and forgettable. And some songs failed to deliver, though they had some of their unique moments I encountered, like the opening track's short breakdown before the track ends; sounds like a Suffocation type of breakdown and the shredded guitar sweeps.

So yeah, this short monstrosity that is Echoes of Decimation is a true predecessor to the sound that Antithesis later made so remarkable. It's definitely not a bad album, but I just wished it was longer in the tracks' length had more memorable sound in comparison, and that it's slightly better than the sophomore. Best tracks are Staring from the Abyss, Amoeba and I would also say the title track in some bits.