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The Epitome of Technical Brutality - 95%

Miscreant, March 11th, 2005


That's probably what you're going to say when you first pop this bad boy in (Or any other type explitive). This album without a doubt, is one of the most brutal albums of the year.

Fans of "III" will rejoice on this album as all technicality and intensness is maintained while new styles were added to the fold. But also keep in mind they've also gone through line-up changes, and the remaining members probably wanted to add some more freshness to their material. But old fans shouldn't be too disappointed at all with this album.

The production is much better than "III", so much so that you can hear the guitar parts very clear. The bass is again is still kinda low in the mix, but now it is a little more audible, as needed to be because Mike Flores is a great bass player.
The guitars are amazing, and is as good as something you would hear from Necrophagist. Paul and Clint incorporated quite a bit of guitar sweeps on this album, and at some points what seems somewhat like a melody line like in the song "Staring into the Abyss".

The vocal aspect of the album is flawless, utterly flawless. James' vocals are just as tight and ferocious as "III" and in some parts better. The screams are eardrum-piercing and the growls are brutal as hell.

One thing I was worried about on this album were the drums. Before the album came out, I didn't thinks the drums were going to be as good as John Longstreth's on "III." But, Origin surprised me again as they keep on doing as the newcomer James King steps up to the plate to fill some big shoes. James' blasts as just as good as John's and I believe James does more gravity blasts on this album than John did on "III"

For any newbies to Origin, keep in mind this album requires a few spins to really grasp what this album is about. For old-school fans of Origin, you will thoroughly enjoy this "Blasterpeice" and put it proudly beside your other Origin albums. Support this killer band (and all Death metal) by seeing them live, and you will come out feeling like you've had the shit beat out of you.

Go and pick this album up, right now. Yes, right now dipshit!