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And these are just the echoes.... - 90%

DoctorPsycho, January 30th, 2006

Death/grind has always been hit and miss with me. There's stuff like Nile, which I absolutely love, and then there's stuff like Obituary, which I can't stand in the least. Fortunately, I do like Origin, a lot.

This album is just 26 minutes. However, in those 26 minutes, your asshole will be ripped out and fed back in through your eye-sockets. Origin is by far some of the most intense stuff I've heard in a long while. While, it lacks the certain panache of Dark Angel's excellent "Darkness Descends" (by far the most intense album ever released), the songs here are all very good at showing just what an incredible band Origin is.

The guitars are fast, the drums are faster, the vocals are brutal. Can't say much about the bass, as you can't really hear it, but everything else is incredible. As a matter of fact, some of the songs are rather catchy. The lyrics are well thought out, as opposed to the general "RIP OUT YOUR LUNGS AND BLEED THEM ON THE CHAMBER FLOOR" of death/grind.

As for the songs themselves, wow, no letdowns here. It starts with Reciprocal, a testament to just how awesome Origin is. Other great songs are The Burner (a feast of incredible drumming), Cloning the Stillborn (Excellent lyrics), and Starring From the Abyss (A headbanging masterpiece). The songs all sound very similar, but yet, they're all different enough for it to count. This is very hard to achieve in death/grind, but Origin succeeds very well.

And so the problems. There aren't really any distinct things wrong with Origin. Some songs are definitely worse than others, but none so vile that they take anything away. Overall, it's a very very good release (musically and technically).

It's short, and it's brutal. At 26 minutes, those who aren't really fans of the genre may want to be wary about this one. However, when looking at most death/grind, that isn't terribly short. If you like death/grind, and don't mind the somewhat short length, definitely check this one out.