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Brutal, Technical, and most importantly, Awesome. - 100%

AML, February 19th, 2007

I like death metal, of all sorts, especially brutal death metal and grind. Now, I don't like death metal exclusively but it is my favorite genre of music. Especially when the artists display musical technicality as well as originality. Origin fall more in the technicality part than the originality part, but more importantly, they're relentlessly awesome.

I got this album yesterday and I can't stop listening to it, it's amazing, short, but amazing. In 26 minutes these guys accomplish more than most bands could in an hour, really. The songs are to the point, fast , and brutal as fuck. Thats why they're short.

The singing done by James Lee and the guitar players is intense to say the very least. The lyrics? Very original, not the usual blood and guts stuff here, they actually mean something.

The guitar players are the most amazing things I've heard in a long time, they somehow manage to weave an intense amount of sweep picking into riffs that remain brutal and don't ever get pretentious. The bass? Like many metal bands it can be very hard if not impossible to hear, but it's back there, subliminally pounding away.

The drumming? Possibly the best part of the album. It's insane! Almost to insane in fact, I would think that this guy is some animatronic drumming robot, except animatronic robots can't move that fast.

One of my favorite moments in this album is in the song Debased Humanity, towards the end the vocals take a break and let the guitars really shine, like the sun. They're playing this insane, brutal riff with a ton of sweep picking while the drummer is just gravity blasting away, the snare sounds like some jackhammer ripping open the earth as the sweep picked screams from the underworld come blasting out.

This album is amazing. You should buy it. Don't be worried that it's only 26 minutes long (thats it's only flaw, aside from relentless brutality). It still warrants at least one listen.