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Origin deliver the goods - 97%

tominous, April 17th, 2008

The titans of technical death metal are back with a cataclysmic new record. This is exactly what you expected and could ever desire to have from Origin. Antithesis is a statement and a warning to the metal community showing their capacity for world class blasting.

Origin may have even topped the stellar heights achieved on 2002’s Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas and 2005’s Echoes of Decimation. Another blinding performance by John Longstreth behind the kit as well as wicked guitar work from Ryan and Turner who have conjured spiralling leads that sweep so fast yet are tangible enough to get hooked; especially on “Finite”. Dual vocals as usual, but perfectly placed and the vocal rhythm is spot on to push the riffs to the otherworldly heaviness on Antithesis.

Instantly scorched to your memory this album slays with mind bending changes, mirroring the extreme physical forces at play in outer space. Enough to tear the universe into fundamental particles with face melting technique. The lyrical content is almost as remorseless as the music; every song conveying the futility of mankind, impending armageddon and death through various end of the world scenarios.

It really is difficult to pick any tracks that stand out, because they all do. Title track is a death metal nine-and-a-half-minute odyssey, forging a eternal monument to the gods of obliteration similar to the omnipotence of Nile’s “Unas Slayer of the Gods”. Opening with precise pneumatic eradication, the track “Wrath of Vishnu” is just a taste of the relentless deathmarch. Every tune will warrant an outburst of ‘Holy shit!’ straight afterwards, due to the sheer ability of the onslaught to crush everything in its path.

This is of such high calibre, only Necrophagist stand a chance to top Antithesis. A bold statement indeed. What stands out about Antithesis is how unambiguous the assault is. Antithesis could have been compromised by over-complicating the songs, but pure speed and heaviness are delivered through traditional media. Origin have channelled a lucidity through chaotic riffs and tight blasting which rings clear and makes the album enjoyable as opposed to a chore.