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The Antithesis of Try-Hard Tech Death Bands - 100%

serial_killer_miller, March 25th, 2008

So, I've been having a discussion with some friends in my town's metal community about technical death metal bands. There were some good bands that were brought up, Odious Mortem, Decrepit Birth, Neuraxis etc. There were also a few that are as see it, trying too hard to be technical, Brain Drill, Beneath the Massacre.

Learning that the same lineup who put forth Origin's strongest effort, 2002's Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas, I was extremely excited. Then they put out the first track from the album, opener; "The Aftermath" and what I really noticed about this album is that Longstreth is back with with a vengeance. I also noticed a huge change in the guitar work, it has become much more technical with more solos and use of complex scales. I also heard a demo of the third track, "Consuming Misery" and I was really impressed with the tempo changes and Longstreth's entertaining use of fast cymbal hits going straight into a blistering blast beat. It just absolutely blew me away.

So today, is the big day I have finally been able to give the entire album a listen, then another, and another and I have to say they have set a new standard for technical death metal in 2008 . It seems like they are really experimenting with melody on this record, however, don't be alarmed if you were not a fan of Decrepit Birth's latest album, don't let that discourage you! Origin's latest effort sounds nothing like that. On songs like "Wrath of Vishnu" and "The Appalling" the dual guitar attack of Jeremy Turner and Paul Ryan unleash catchy riffs that instantly pull you in.

The ending track, also the title track Antithesis is probably the best album closer Origin has ever done. I know they have never had a over the five minute mark until this album, but with the over nine minute closing track they show how much they have matured in their sound. It is laced with the catchiest riffs on the album and some excellent sweeps that Origin has made known to their own style.

An absolute masterpiece of technical death metal and a must for anyone who is a fan of this style and for those who are looking to get into alike. This album is easily the front runner for my candidate for album of the year.