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This will auditorily rape you - 98%

ozzeh, April 4th, 2008

This is my first introduction to Origin. Having no prior knowledge of this band before listening to "Antithesis" I am completely open-minded to their music. I must say that this is an impressive show of talent from all musicians. I still prefer Anata's style of technical death metal more, but this is a solid, bloody slab of quality USDM.

The dual guitars are simply crushing, opting for a more straight forward in-your-face soundscape. The drumming is absolutely destructive with a serious emphasis on creative blast beats and other percussive gymnastics my feeble mind can barely comprehend (this is not an album you can digest in one listening).

The vocals use a Glen Benton-type low/high approach (Anata as well) which sounds absolutely great and very fucking angry. Weird as it seems, I listen to music of this nature because it soothes me... that's right, death metal soothes me. But make no mistake, "Antithesis" is loaded with neck-snapping violence and can cause irreparable spine damage.

Music of this nature tends to become very boring very fast, but luckily Origin don't fall into that category. Song-writing skills are put in front guitar hero skills and the result is a brutal amalgam of every type of death metal imaginable and every song is highly memorable. Every band member from the bassist to the vocalist are on top of their game and the awesome production job suits the album well.

This is not for people who dislike death metal. In fact, if you played this to somebody who is completely oblivious to the fact a genre of music called Death Metal exists, odds are in the favor of that person never exploring the genre further. But for the seasoned death metal lover, this is auditory bliss.