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Raping "wankery" (a re-review) - 100%

TheSunOfNothing, February 23rd, 2010

Alot of modern day tech death is condemned by closed minded metalheads as being weak and pointless. The pretentious term "wankery" is typically used to describe these bands (I refuse to ever use that in describing a band). Origin, however, seem to be loved by everyone exept for 2 of the 18 reviewers. That is interesting, considering this album completly deserves to be hyped up as hell.

At first listen, I'll admit, it might sound a bit tedious. Yeah, the drums are largly blast beats, the vocals are low in the mix, the band doesn't slow down like Obituary, blah blah blah. At first listen, I can perfectly see why this would be annoying to listen to. However, if you actually bother listening to the album (which I'm wondering if the negative reviewers actually did), you'll see that these things couldn't matter less. The drums may be mostly blast beats, but honestly death metal is usually filled with blast beats anyway. And these ones are 20 times the speed you'll ever hear Cannibal Corpse go, which is interesting as well.

The riffs are phenominal here. I don't get what people are saying when they say they can't hear them. They are mostly middle-eastern influenced riffs which can be found in Nile and later Behemoth, with tech riffs and a few doom-y Suffocation inspired breakdowns to be found as well. The songs that shine in the riff department are "Wrath of Vishnu" (best track here), "Finite", and "The Beyond Within". They are mostly tremelo picked riffs, but the doom-y "Ubiquitous" and the closing "Antithesis" slow the tempo down. There is a smaller reliance on the sweep picked riffs which filled the band's previous albums as well, with sweeps still appearing on occassion.

The drums are not your standard blast beats. Rather than just "dat-dat-dat-dat", John often follows the riffs on the hi-hat and on the snare goes at hyperspeed, letting out fills every 10-15 seconds. And with riffs these technical you can't but wonder how the fuck he is doing that shit on the hi-hat, in additon to his insane drumming elsewhere on the kit. Some songs feature him performing more modest duties however, and he never fails to blow me away with his amazing drumming abilities.

I also have heard cries of inaudible bass? Now, that statement is completly false. The bass is everywhere on here. For instance, his bass fill on "Consuming Misery", his bass solo on "Ubiquitous", etc. It's about as audible as Alex Webster's was on "Tomb of the Mutilated". I saw these guys live and I'll be damned if I say he's not one of the most talented members here. He mostly refrains from standard follow-the-guitar bass patterns and does lots of tapping and shredding.

The vocals are among the most ranged I have ever heard. They range from extreme shrieks to deep grunts, as usual, but his vocal lines are the real prodigy. How the does he have the lung capacity to sing this? He usually follows these hyper-fast riffs, switching from shreiks to grunts faster than any vocalist I've ever heard. He reminds me a bit of Corpsegrinder, although I have strong doubts that -grinder could sing this. I certainly can't. Plus, James is a poet in addition to an amazing vocalist (unlike -grinder who sucks at the pen/paper). The lyrics are a fusion of mysanthropy and intellectual themes, with hinduism popping up as a common theme as well. I'm very suprised by his capabilities as a lyricist considering his less than amazing lyrics on the previous effort. I don't get why people complain about these intellectual themes, as they are a hell of alot better than what the slam bands do, what with their annoying and pretentious lyrics about autopsies and disease.

I can understand why the previous reviewer and the reviewer a few reviews back don't like this. In a world where tech-death is often uninspired and boring, it's easy to lose hope (and it's an aquired taste anyway, even for death metal fans). But with bands like Nile, Origin, Decrepit Birth, and newly reformed genre masters Suffocation leading the way, it should be obvious that this genre isn't done yet. This is a masterpiece, and the best album of '08 by far.

standout tracks:
The Aftermath