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Holy shit, son! - 85%

TheJizzHammer, May 21st, 2008

I love to listen to music that is brutal. I love to listen to music that is fast. I also love to listen to music that is technical. All three mixed together? Shit, I know a lot of people do it, but it always comes out as frenzied noise. Very few people can take these elements, mix them together, and get a good result. Origin are one of those bands. I looked into this album knowing that these three elements would be put to use. I was thinking that this album would be an absolute abortion, but I decided that it would be better to be open. People were talking about it and seemed to like it a lot, and this fueled my curiosity.

This record definitely exceeded my expectations. What did I expect? A half hour of non-stop blasting, tremolo picking, and 'BLARARARARARARARARRARA-BLARARA-BLARARAH!!!' style vocals. I definitely got a taste of blasting, tremolo picking, and the aforementioned vocal style (but just a little bit), but these things are all good in moderation. The vocals aren't really special and unique, but I think the vocalist does a good job in that he does a better job of enunciating. I can't tell what he says, but I can tell he is saying something, and I can read along, unlike the garbled screams of Lord Worm from Cryptopsy, who kind of does whatever and seems to say 'fuck what I wrote'. There are also some higher pitch screams thrown into the mix, showing that the vocalist can mix it up a bit. There are a few too many peices of death metal out there with a monotonous vocal style that does not change for the length of the album.

The drummer is mad good. He plays VERY fast, blasts a lot, but also throws in a few other goodies, some interesting fills and whatnot. His footwork is very fast but he maintains his precision for the duration of this album. The guitarists also maintain precision as they play at break-neck speeds, incorporating multiple techniques other than the typical tremolo picking used my many a death-metal guitarist.

The aforementioned precision is what really caught my attention. How do you pull that off when you're playing like this? So fast, so tech, so heavy, all the while staying on top of it. A very good job on the part of these men for being able to do that. I wonder how well they do live.

I was purely taken aback my this album, and through this listening experienced have learned to forget about expectations. This is a very pleasing listen.