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This Is Something That Should Never Be Ignored... - 100%

TampoN_TerroR, July 30th, 2008

"Antithesis" - Origin

Before this album released at the beginning of April, I came across Origin with their sophomore release "Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas" about a year ago. I was going through alot of artists and albums by that time and I sort of disregarded Origin as just another one of the newer highly-technical death metal bands that appear out of nowhere (how fucking arrogant of me). As I gave "Informis" another try I found myself liking it more, and more, to completely obsessed with it. I wanted more. So I got "Echoes of Decimation", their latest at the time, and loved every second of it, but it sounded too much alike and followed the same pattern (meaning that the songs have the awesome riffs and the equally awesome drumming, and that is practically it). One day I was unknowingly strolling on myspace and I went on Origin's page, what I saw was this giant art cover that looked like something out of HR Giger's work with words saying "ORIGIN... ANTITHESIS.... COMING APRIL 1ST"...

... And this new song starts playing, called "Aftermath". When I heard that song my eyes,ears and mouth were completely pounded, that was the greatest 4 and a half seconds I ever heard... I needed this album. As April 1st came, I bought what I wanted... this, "Antithesis".

The first tract is "Aftermath" the song that made me want to get the album in a heartbeat. It takes most of the elements you'll find in their older work and injects some kind of ultra-mega-performance-enhancing drugs into them. The bombing riffs, the fast-yet-eerie sweeps, the relentless vocals, and the godly-impossible drums! This is what basically ALL the tracts here are, BUT it never gets old because every song has unique structures that binds together in a flawless pattern and it never lets up. It's not like a fucking crazy overly-technical death/grind band- it has the intensity of one, BUT it has the something most of those bands lack and that is STRUCTURE! No song here has 20-something riffs stuck into 2 minutes, but it keeps what makes it purely technical death metal. Origin has always done this before, but "Antithesis" gives the same old Origin sound (plus the deserving high quality production) and refines it to the highest possibility.

Every song stands out, the riffs are epic, grinding and technical, the song structures are so solid that any song here can be used as a single, and drummer John Longstreth is one of the best metal drummers out there and this album shows him justice. The guitars are jaw-dropping; the tone is perfect, the sweeps are impeccable, and the solos don't lose attention from either the listener or the song itself. The bass is thankfully audible (which is rare considering the genre), and Mike Flores is a force to be reckon with. The bass follows the rhythm as the guitars but it takes in solo fills when the time is right for it. And when the album closes, it closes with a BANG! And not a normal BANG! About 7 minutes on the last track ("Antithesis"), prior from hearing the numeral insanely powerful and epic riffs it began with, the music lets up... but doesn't end there. You hear faint playing in the background, then it all comes up INTO YOUR FACE with a loud, haunting, and august riff that could make your mind collapse and lose bowel control and stays there 'til the end with an obsessing guitar solo from Jeremy Turner branching off and Longstreth doing his crazy fills! Then it fades away like an ending of a epic action-packed movie. Perfect closure.

So "Antithesis" gets a 100. For the songwriting, for the technical work, for the instruments and their players, and for the production. It is Origin's best work. It's all chaotic yet structured. To other people, it would sound like an endless barrage of noise (which is a shame since they would be missing A LOT of great things out there). But to death metal fans, it's a modern gem. It's what most tech metal bands should be looking at in the future in making their EP or their next full-length solid. This is something that cannot be ignored, it shouldn't. It's just perfect... it's modern death metal done right. Even TOO right. And this is a heavily jaded metalhead who is writing this review!

Best 3 tracks: "Aftermath" "Finite" "Antithesis"