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I guess this is pretty tolerable - 61%

Noktorn, April 29th, 2011

How the fuck can this band not get the right production job ever? Origin's signed to Relapse for fuck's sake, can't they just properly produce an album before releasing it? All the Origin album have some sort of production deficiency- in this case, there's several. The legendary practically silent vocals are one thing, pushed so fucking far in the back you practically think the album's instrumental, but there's other problems as well, like the total lack of a respectable bottom end for the sound or the very flat, thin drum sound. There's no excuse and the band or Relapse need to step up their game and demand something better.

I guess this is the most listenable Origin album, right up there with 'Echoes Of Decimation' in being kinda good. Granted, for every one advancement Origin makes off the previous album they take another step back: one big point here is the length. 'Echoes Of Decimation' was just about perfect for the style. 'Antithesis' is over 40 minutes long, and it quite obviously didn't arrive with an accompanying change of musical style. I don't know about you, but I really can't listen to Origin for 40 minutes. I mean, yeah, I like hearing the same riff sixty times as much as the next guy, but not with Origin at the helm. More importantly, though, it seems as though Origin made an effort to actually write songs instead of tiny, mostly pointless blast beat exercises. It sort of works... I guess.

The songs on this are definitely the most 'songy' Origin have ever done. Tracks like 'Wrath Of Vishnu' have a definite rise and fall in tension, and a solo will even occasionally pop out. Yes, this is just about as blast and sweep heavy as any other given Origin album, but here it seems to have more of a point. Even more importantly than that, it seems that Origin on this album finally accepted that the riffs everyone wants to hear aren't the abstract Fleshgrind ones, but the spacily melodic arrangements that tie in so well with their overall aesthetic. 'Wrath Of Vishnu' is regularly named the best track on this album, and it makes sense: the riffs are uniformly melodic and interesting to listen to. This is definitely a departure from the Origin of old.

That being said, it's still Origin, and it still really lacks variation. All the tracks sound essentially the same, and the repetition of individual musical passages can be fucking staggering, like the two-riff anti-songwriting paean that is 'Finite', easily the worst track on the album. But even the better tracks can't escape the repetition: does the opening of 'Wrath Of Vishnu' have to be that long and uninteresting? Moreover, why do there seem to be so few riffs in each song? I hear a lot of fills but not a lot of distinct melodic passages- they're fudging the numbers and I don't appreciate playing pretend.

All this together, though, and it's basically Origin's best album. If you had to get one, you could pretend to be fully satisfied best with this one. Plus you can pretend to know about Hindu mythology or something.