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Basically the last album with shittier production - 35%

MutantClannfear, August 18th, 2011

So this is apparently the place where Origin's career dramatically changes. All the people who used to hate this band suddenly hear this album and come out of the listening experience fellating the band. The critics unanimously agree it's great, and that it flattens out all the faults Origin have ever made. After wading knee-deep through Antithesis drool, I decided to spin the album myself.

It sounds the exact same as the band's last two albums.

Oh, sure, there are "subtleties" between these albums, but let's not bullshit ourselves here. If you've ever listened to Origin before, you pretty much know what to expect: weedly riffs backed over ridiculous amounts of 6/8 blast beats. Considering this band's been doing the same thing for their entire discography, they're apparently a band you either love or hate with no middle ground, so I suppose I'll just have to sit on the other side of the fence from everyone else. I'm sorry, but this album doesn't cut it for me. The riffs are still totally unending tremolos, though to be fair, after ten fucking years of existence the band seems to finally be attempting to mix things up; there are a few moments where the drummer stops hammering on the snare like a fucking lunatic for a second (!) to release momentum, the lack of which was one of my big complaints about Origin in the first place. Origin also slow down a bit more and try to incorporate melodies that aren't disrupted with ridiculous amounts of snare blasts. Their shitty plastic guitar tone keeps the melodies and slow sections they exhibit on this release from having any real worth, even on the pretentiously long title track, but hell, I'd give points to the band for playing even faster and more annoying at this point simply because it'd mean they were doing something new. Sadly, the riffs have lost the streaks of memorability and emotivity they gained on Echoes of Decimation - no, the band apparently decided it'd simply be more fun to give a big "fuck you" to fans of the band and to start playing unmemorable wank again. And then they had to add the ever-present shitty guitar tone and the flat, bassless production job on top of the shitty tech-death, as if to finally hammer the stake into the heart of technical death metal with actual merit.

As for Origin's boring, forgettable vocalist, I'm not sure what to think of his performance on Antithesis. He's still doing his typical barks and choking-on-blanket growls and what have ye (he's stopped using his stupid high, wispy screams so often - apparently Jesus came down from heaven and told the man that he had better shut the fuck up for the sake of all that is holy), but there's a catch - the sterile, neutered production job, with 90% of its emphasis on the guitars, has almost completely overpowered him in the mix. Should I commend a band for drowning out their shitty vocalist, or scold them for doing so by means of an even shittier guitar tone? I'm not exactly sure, but a much better solution would be to simply boot out the old shitstain and get a vocalist that doesn't absolutely suck at what he does.

Origin's most-worshiped album is the band's worst to date. Why is this not a surprise?