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In the Shadows of Decimation - 85%

M0RDGAARD, April 6th, 2008

After Origin’s last release, “Echoes of Decimation”, I was greatly looking forward to this album coming out. After having it on my playlists for a few years and enjoying it every listen, I was a little dissatisfied with “Antithesis”. Everyone in this band is a wonderful musician capable of so much, which makes the monotony of this album even more dissapointing.

While everything is played with the utmost precision, it is wholly predictable. I continued to wait for anything I didn’t see coming, and it never happened. I longed for the abrupt changes I’ve become accustomed to ever since “Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas”. Exceptions are the title track, which is the best closer and longest track ever put out by Origin, “Wrath of Vishnu”, which is still interesting after the first hearing, and “The Aftermath”, which follows the usual origin song structure and has those catchy guitar licks.

“Antithesis” as a whole is much darker then their previous work, and that can be a good thing, but in this case it sort of takes some of the fun out of the equation, it has more brutality and less groove then “Echoes…” The guitars seem far less sporadic then previously. Being a drummer myself, I have to complain about Longstreth’s performance. I need to first say what an incredible drummer he is. But, while his part is executed flawlessly, it never really has the awe factor like it used to. This might be because the guitar parts are less inviting and are aimed at being more technical, but almost everything here has been done before. I wish he would take some risks and try some unexplored territory in drumming, which might be hard for someone who has been doing it for as long as he has. Plus, the cymbals sound really weak. I do, however, like the inclusion of whatever that other drum is that is being played at the end of “Ubiquitous”.

Even though this album is not as spectacular as one might hope, it still stands above so many other death metal albums, especially if you have never listened to Origin before.
If that is the case, buy “Echoes of Decimation” after you get used to “Antithesis”. It will be the most mind-blowing 26 minutes and 28 seconds of your life.