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Tech, and yet still brutal - 100%

Hordeofmordor, July 24th, 2008

My brother got me to check this album out. I was kind of skeptical, I must say, I'd heard bits and pieces, and it sounded really technical. This isn't a bad thing IF you're a musician (which I am) but can be hard to follow if you're the average music fan. Death metal music, to me, is what neanderthals would listen to. I love it, so tribal, so visceral, and it makes me want to go and eat a baby. When you add wild ass time changes and sweeping, I don't know, to me it changes the feel. There've been many bands try to play technical music, push the limits of their musicianship. this is all well and good, except they forget to play HEAVY music, hence the name heavy metal.

Onto this release. The first track says to me "Strap on your safety belts." Relentless. Pummelling. Technical. And, yes, brutal. They mix it up very well, a healthy dose of stunning musicianship with a big slab of rip your face off, eat it, then puke back on your skull HEAVY. The drummer blasts away through most of the album, but changes time signatures at neck snapping speed, and fills in with the appropriate snare beats. Right after the lead/sweep section (you'll know what I'm talking about) comes one of the coolest snare rhythms I've heard in some time, which I saying a lot, since I don't normally praise drummers. The guitars are fast, furious, and very clean sounding in the mixing. The bass playing is incredible, and definately shines on this album. I am impressed with any bass player pulling off sweeps as proficiently as the player on this release does. Now onto my favorite subject. Being a vocalist, I look for this first. Given the complicated aspect of the music, the vocals could've gone either way, uber incredible, or uber disappointing. I salivated. I peed. I cried. This guy is AWESOME! His highs are just as good as his lows. Bloodcurdling shrieks, and stomache bursting growls abound, and are well placed. A highly enjoyable listening experience.