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A Band Unheard Of... - 91%

gamaza, June 18th, 2011

The Goliath is the first full-length Cd from the band recorded at Watchman Studios, where other tech-metal band have had thier albums done, the guitar work is a mix between amazing and chaos and is blended well when you hear instrumental songs slowed down and have an atmospheric dry jazz sound that shows you thier song writing skills and that the guitar arent all non-stop technical riffs that would make even "Psyopus" blush, The bad thing is on some songs you can barely hear some guitar parts and thier bass somethimes drowns out the drums, the guitar sounds is like a chalk board is being scratched with overdriven distortion with very little layering done at the studio help the guitars sound cleaner and stand out more, and speaking of drums the drums are alot of the time almost background noise that is hard to make out wit the base kick a faint thump.

The Lyrics to songs are written as more hidden meaning than strait forward like most bands today and derived from conspiracy theorists like Michael Tsarion and his stories of atlantis and Mesopotamia with the lyrics are also long stories almost to the point of too big for a song it makes you wonder how the singer remembers all of it, the vocals are standard death metal growls that give the band a simple aspect aside from the guitars, The drums themselves are technical and the drummer abilities are up to par with the guitars rounding out the band.

In response to that the band is in thier early stages so the recordings arent going to be the greatest and the band seem to know where the want to go with thier sound, the unique style have their only going to progress from here and have that professional sound like technical metal bands like "Into the Moat" on their album "The Design" and "Between the Buried and Me". on "Alaska" had on thier early work as tech metal bands that made them stand out from the rest, With thier Complex song writing and raw musical talent the band is in high expectations with thier next album, and with they take the time to make the album sound perfect they will blow up and we'll see them on a bigger tour soon enough with thier fan base growing as well as thier talent and skill, Orgone will have a long Career ahead of them, Even ith the less than average Studio Mastering and Layering, Overdriven Distortion the Albums is nothing short of Amazing with Complex Guitar work and Technical Drumming and Lyrics Story long then albums is thier best work by far.