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Blitzkrieg - 95%

seul_contre_tous, June 30th, 2009

Order of Orias have hit the scene hard and heavy with their first release, aptly entitled "Offering". Reminiscent of the better parts of Dissection, Emperor and Thorns, this 15 minute demo manages to really capture the listener's attention with a series of memorable(and wrathful) riffs. The major strength here is the brilliantly catchy music writing, which is bound to leave listeners craving for more. In terms of production, it's quite balanced, although it seems that the vocals could do with a bit more of a kick. This is the sort of demo that could be remastered and re-released at some stage. The only real issue would have to be the length, as it seems that they could have definitely squeezed one last track in there.

Although each of the three tracks is a strong piece of music on it's own, it seems that the everything builds up to "Flesh Conspiracy", the strongest point of this demo. "Sins of the Father" is a fantastic opening track, due to it's "rocking" nature, building up beautifully to "The Whited Sepulcher", slightly more complex and a bit less "catchier". The last track is an absolute underground masterpiece. This is where melody meets total brutality, mixing together to create a beautiful sense of oppression. The lead guitar flows smoothly, not forced whatsoever, complimented by the crunchy rhythm. At 4:00, every headbangers dream comes true, as we get hit with the most rocking passage of music on the album.

Overall, an absolutely genius starting point for what is surely to be one of Melbourne's best "black metal" acts. Definitely worth keeping an eye on where this 5 piece will go.