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An excellent album, but not distinctive. - 90%

Acherontic, September 15th, 2014

Considering this is currently the only full-length album by Order of Orias (who I had never heard of before), I was surprised to hear such a well-polished and mature black metal album.

As far as originality goes, there isn't an overwhelmingly vast amount. The sound itself isn't particularly unique on its own - it's mid-tempo black metal you can hear clearly, with deep black/death metal vocals. Order of Orias sounds a bit similar to established bands such as Deathspell Omega and Arkhon Infaustus, but fortunately not similar enough to sound like a clone. The lyrics are vague but appear to be anti-religion, which is typical of black metal bands. The lyrics themselves aren't BAD, yet they're not the best either. They're acceptable (not that most people will care anyway since it's difficult to hear the words through the vocal style). The general atmosphere is appropriately dark and thundering in a subtle way, but it won't grab you with its emotion like some other bands. Order of Orias did exactly what they set out to do, and not much else.

The only problem with this album is that it's slightly bland. Personally I believe it needs more experimentation, more of a voice - something to make the album stand out among the countless bands who play the same style of black metal. While "Inverse" is definitely well-done, it's easy to see that the band is technically proficient, and it's consistently good... it doesn't stand out beyond "it's nice instead of being a flaming pile of garbage." The songs run together a bit as well, which is fine, but you won't remember what's what aside from the first track (a plodding well-paced instrumental) and the last track. There isn't much to hear that's "new" - it's another offering in a crowded genre.

Overall, a really solid effort and an enjoyable listen. I just wish it had a bit more. 9/10