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Who says Metal sucks in the US ? - 83%

Skyklad, October 4th, 2002

The US offers yet another killer band in the Power Metal arena with ORDER OF NINE (previously called TEMPLAR) ! They are exactly the kind of band that fans of ICED EARTH, JAG PANZER, SANCTUARY / NEVERMORE or QUEENSRYCHE would really enjoy. The thick, heavy riff attacks are awesome as is the very strong drumming but the main problem (it pains me to say) is that the vocals seem too far back in the mix and this really is a shame. I mean, the vocalist has a good set of pipes but the music is usually overpowering him so if they could just push him further in the front this would be a MORE outstanding album than it already is. Definitely some major talent and brilliance going on here and I bet with better production these guys can make a BIG impact on the scene. Who says the US Metal scene is shit ? Look harder dammit ! Website: