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Enjoyable US power metal! - 78%

Popa_Iuda, January 26th, 2009

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Order Of Nine is one of the "recent" bands like Cage orTwisted Tower that are nodding to the good old times of the '80s when power metal ruled the world.

Before being known as the aforemetioned name, they we're called Templar.Their newest album ,A Means To Know End, released on 1st of April, is a breath of fresh US power metal in the great classic tradition of Queensr├┐che's The Warning, meanwhile having that pounding sound of bands like the mighty Omen or traces of Manilla Road.
Vocalist Michael DeGrena may seem awful to some ears, but I think he has a great timbre, especially for today's vocalists in this genre. He's definitely influenced by Geoff Tate in some ways, sounding more like a husky one, and on some softer parts he shifts into a Mark Shelton-like mutter. The slow and calm parts of the songs really show his baritonal qualities as it can be heard also when he sings in mid-range.

Most of the songs start slowly with an acoustic followed by rhythmed parts and mesmerizing or "explosive" solos.
Songs like Ninth Knight (unusual rhythm), Devotee, Single Shot, An Offered Hand or A Means To Know End(what a track!!, great chorus) testify that this band knows what is doing.

Recommended to heavy and power metal fans and also to prog/power metal listeners.