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Old-school Black/Death Metal - 70%

LefterisK, April 9th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2016, Cassette, Independent (Limited edition)

Norway’s Order is but the very last form to derive from the portals of Crowley’s occult practices, though this Order is quite unlike any other. While it may draw many influences from the legendary sources of spiritual and theurgical esotericism, it comes out as a completely direct and mighty force. Comprised by some of Norway’s most prominent figures (Messiah – vocals, Manheim – drums, Anders Odden – guitars, Stu Manx – bass), Order have just unleashed their first ever recording entitled Folly Grandeur, an eminent celebration of the 80s underground scene. It goes without saying that such homage is honored exactly as it should, with music in its rawest form with a demo and a live rehearsal recording, released in none other but a cassette format.

Folly Grandeur starts up with ‘Savage’ and Order seem to truly embody a barbaric state with their earth-shattering compositions. The song begins with a brief introductory part drowned in dissonance and blackness before it advances forward with a creeping, pounding riff whose bending bass strings create quite a hypnotic effect, akin to those of Celtic Frost. The significant influence of the Swiss pioneers is crucial not only for Order’s musical offerings, but for the shaping of many black metal bands of the second wave. Up next is ‘Torquemada’, which is fairly more up-tempo than the opening song, though equally menacing and destructive. Named after Spain’s first Grand Inquisitor and sung entirely in Spanish, its lyrics transcend the temporality of the 15th century’s holy questioner and address the horrors of religious fanaticism throughout the passing of time.

‘Victimized’ fuses the band’s black/thrash roots with hints of death metal brutality, truly victimizing the listener into a nightmarish experience. The song’s middle section takes a different route, balancing between heavy palm-muted and tremolo picked riffs, which are covered by Messiah’s desperate and agonizing rasps. Concluding the side A of this tape is the self-titled track. Continuing in the existing forms of the previous songs, 'Folly Grandeur' offers a good five minutes of relentless and heavy riffing, climaxing with a really impactful solo before the church’s bells bid us a final farewell.

The demo’s B side entitled "Rene Jansen rehearsal tape" is a live rehearsal from Tomb Studios, recorded in the 22nd of June, 2014 with the late Rene Jansen on bass. This rehearsal features a performance of 6 classic songs from the band members’ past, an important tribute that proves that Order is not just another project, but a force rooted deeply in the origins of the Norwegian 80s and early 90s music scene. According to the band, this side will not be released on-line, but they have revealed that it will include the following songs: Cannibalistic Dissection (Cadaver cover), Procreation of the Wicked (Celtic Frost cover), Witching Hour (Venom cover), Innominate (Cadaver cover), Pure Fucking Armageddon (Mayhem cover), Deathcrush (Mayhem cover). Whether you are a fan of the bands mentioned above or simply a fan of metal played the old-school way you should definitely check this demo out.

This is the final Order, and it’s ready to beguile all aspirants into their folly, their unholy grandeur.