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A Collection Of Blizzardy-Wintry-Icy Anthems - 90%

TheTrueMonster, June 29th, 2015

Orden Ogan is easily one of the most enticing power metal bands in existence today. The band brings a genuine sense of melody, adventure and battle to the fold of metal. In their live shows they depend heavily on audience participation to realise their extremely catchy choruses. "To The End" makes heavy use of these aforementioned choruses and it adds an immensely full sound to the album.

The album opens with the instrumental “The Frozen Few”, which gets the adrenaline pumping through one’s veins and sets the tone very well for the rest of the album. The title track sports an incredibly catchy (albeit not as catchy as “The Things We Believe In”) chorus and guitar solo. Unfortunately, the first five songs of the album are among the strongest of the tracklist, but that is not to say that the rest of the songs are bad. Quite the contrary, they are very good; it is just that the first five songs are THAT perfect!

“The Things We Believe In” could easily be regarded as the best power metal song of 2011, while the ballad-type song “The Ice Kings” could likewise be regarded as the best “non-metal” metal song of 2011. The guitar leads are awesome and catchy, making them stick inside one’s head for days at a time. The thing that impresses most about this album is the insane quality of both the guitar and vocal contributions (not that the drums aren’t good). The songs are incredibly well structured, making the listener feel a lot of emotion in almost every segment of almost every song.

The solos are also impressive, even while not being too complex. This album is a prime example of what guitar solos in power metal should be like: catchy, memorable and distinct. They aren’t just an assault of random notes going up and down a scale, but actually have structure and could be considered mini-songs within songs.

Some of the songs that are especially worth noting (although all of the songs bring something worthwhile to the battlefront) are “The Things We Believe In”, “Land Of The Dead”, “The Ice Kings”, “Dying Paradise” and “The Mystic Symphony”.