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Chill metal - 77%

kluseba, July 16th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, AFM Records

If the genre actually existed, I would call Orden Ogan's new record Gunmen chill metal. Ther German quartet offers relaxing melodic power metal with smooth melodies. Even the choirs and vocals have an appeasing touch and are quite catchy and epic in a peaceful way. The harmonious production without any edges blends in perfectly as well. Some people might think that relaxing is a synonym for boring but that isn't true in this case. Orden Ogan really have found their very own niche. They are not as numbing as Epiclore or as fluffy as Freedom Call but they are also miles away from the rocking sound of Edguy, the orchestral ecstasy of Rhapsody of Fire, the complexity of Blind Guardian, the speed of DragonForce or the grit of Iced Earth. Orden Ogan compares to nothing and nobody else and this is a rarity these days.

The obvious problem with such a homogeneous sound is that several tracks sound alike and take a few too many spins to stand out and unfold their true potential. On the other side, the record has a smooth flow, clear guiding line and doesn't include any filler material. The most remarkable song might be the opening quasi title track ''Gunman'' that convinces with an unforgettable and epic chorus and really cool lyrics. If Quentin Tarantino is going to direct another western, he should pick this song for the soundtrack. I also liked the half-ballad ''Come with Me to the Other Side'' that features Liv Kristine. I'm not the biggest fan of her voice but her smooth performance fits perfectly to the album in general and this track in particular. If she is going to start a new band after her departure from Leaves' Eyes, she should focus on smooth melodic power metal with some folk influences because her voice seems to fit perfectly to this type of music.

To keep it short, I highly recommend Orden Ogan's Gunmen to people who like melodic power metal with a charismatic touch. Those who think power metal should literally be powerful might find this record too soft though. Personally, I liked the band's creative take on the genre. I couldn't listen to this type of music all the time but it unfolds its true magic if you want to feel relaxed.