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Orbit Culture - Odyssey - 75%

John_e _C, October 29th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2013, Digital, Independent

Orbit Culture’s debut EP Odyssey is a five-track collection of groove-oriented, melody-infused metal songs with some death and thrash metal undertones. With a name like Odyssey, certain expectations can arise regarding the epicenes of the music. Does this EP live up to its title and feel like an epic adventure or does it fall flat and feel more like a tedious errand?

The title-track Odyssey certainly lives up to its name as it features a memorable guitar hook and a beautiful melodic section that feel like the soundtrack to a heroic journey. Opening track The Planck Distance is another strong song that captivates the listener instantly with its groovy, Gojira-esque riffs and soaring lead work. Arguably, the EP’s strongest riffs, however, come from the following track Wildfire that feature a bit of death and thrash influences as well as some crushing breakdowns.

The strong instrumentals on this EP are accompanied by a solid vocal performance from lead guitarist/vocalist Niklas Karlsson. Karlsson’s screams have a lot of body and depth to them and they suit Orbit Culture’s music well. However, as the EP progresses, a slight lack of vocal variety starts to become apparent and this drags the EP down a little bit when listening to it from start to finish. Thankfully, this is not a significant problem as the EP is approximately only 19 minutes in length.

Odyssey is a strong debut by any band’s standards. The EP displays strong musical ideas and skillfully mixes melodic sections with heavy down tuned guitar grooves. The vocal performance could have benefited from some diversity, but this does not hurt Odyssey significantly thanks to the strong instrumentals and riffs. Overall, Odyssey shows that Orbit Culture has a lot of potential and that metal fans should keep a close eye on this band.


Favorite Songs: The Planck Distance, Wildfire, Odyssey.