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Orbit Culture - In Medias Res - 78%

John_e _C, November 30th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2014, Digital, Independent

With less than one year having passed since the release of their debut EP Odyssey, Orbit Culture have wasted no time in following up with their first full-length album In Medias Res. Clocking in at 38 minutes and featuring a track list of 10 new songs, In Medias Res offers a lot for Orbit Culture fans to enjoy and also experiments with new musical ideas that build upon the sound established in Odyssey.

Orbit Culture’s blend of groove and death metal is on display in full force with this release, and the band expands upon this sound by incorporating orchestration and other instruments beyond just guitars and drums. Experimentation with string instruments is seen on the track “Kalabalik” as well as on interlude tracks “Tribes” and “Arrival”. The interlude tracks are a nice touch to the album and give the listener a moments respite from the barrage of heavy grooves and tremolo picking of the other songs.

In Medias Res also shows Orbit Culture experimenting with other subgenres of metal and even different genres of music for that matter. A perfect example of this is the track “Aluminum” which has an almost country/folk music sounding segment and, dare I say, djenty riffs in the style of bands such as Periphery and Born of Osiris. Although this may not be a metal purists cup of tea, the experimentation and ambition are admirable and make for a unique and, in my opinion, enjoyable listening experiencing.

Although Orbit Culture has taken steps forward in experimenting with new sounds, this albums only short coming is that the band tends to lean on a lot of groovy/chugging/tremolo picking riffs that can sound a bit similar when listening to the songs back to back. As mentioned earlier, the interlude tracks do a good job of breaking the songs up, but it would be nice to see a little bit of further development in the riff department and maybe the inclusion of a guitar solo every now and then.

In Medias Res is a step in the right direction for Orbit Culture and it signifies a band going through the growing stages of developing and refining its own unique sound. The groups use of orchestration and inspiration from other metal subgenres expand upon the ideas introduced in Odyssey and display a more ambitious approach to song writing that shows a lot of promise for the future. A slight lack of variety with some of the album’s riffs hold it short of being a leap forward, but In Medias Res is nonetheless a strong indicator that Orbit Culture is on the right track for success.


Favourite Songs: Kalabalik, Obscurity, Aluminum, Automata