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Behold before the ORATORs - 90%

powerblack, March 26th, 2013

So, the Bangladeshi death/thrash cult Orator hits the floor again with their debut full-length "Kapalgnosis" through French label Armee de la Mort records, and is quite unexpectedly from a place in where they belong. Be sure to put in trust, this piece is a real gem.

Ever since their first EP, "Dominion of Avyktam", Orator made a good impression particularly in the south Asian metal scene and achieved an honored place among their fans. Kapalgnosis was long-awaited and it will not make the fans unsatisfied. Orator worked on this album for almost two years and the result is here!

With the very first ambient intro, the death/thrash devastation prevails throughout this entire 42 minutes of sonic war. There had been a lot of improvisation in music since their debut EP and the maturity of their sound is at its peak. On this particular release, the "more" death metal sound is heard over their thrash metal root, be it in guitar, the bass works, or be it in the drums; Kapalgnosis has evolved into a solid death metal release.

Now lets get to music. Guitars...ah, they sound really great. The riffs are written more passionately than ever before and they are varied frequently, unlike their predecessor. The riffs sound more death metal-ish as stated earlier, and muted guitars are played in some of the songs and there have been good work in both rhythms and harmonies. There are some mellow moments that enhances the album's atmosphere. There are some quick, short solos in the songs "Kapalrevolution", "Rites of Grand Renunciation", "Last Emissaries of Doomtantra", and "Devoid of Dharma", etc.

The bass guitars on this album are pretty high in the mix and they follow the guitar lines mainly, but aren't under the covers of the riffs. Some independent bass moments are heard, particularly in "Necrocosmic Apparitions", "Gnosis Stained Khadga", and "Last Emissaries of Doomtantra".

Now talking about drums, as expected in terms of the genre, the album is followed with lots of blast beats straight in your face. The fills and rolls are not that frequent on this album, but there are some touches of technicality in the drums, certainly.

Invocations? Well, Amit "Skullbearer" has quite the unique vocals, ranging from high-pitched shrieks to mid-death growls and they sound really good throughout the songs and the style changes per the mood of the music. The production quality is standard for death metal and is clear. The production really soothes the sound. The lyrics are rich and impressive, which deal mainly with eastern "tantric" magic and left hand path ideologies. The eastern influence is particularly supreme within the track "Devoid of Dharma".

That's all I have to say about this full-length. Want more details about "Kapalgnosis"? Listen to this gem. I can assure you it's worthy of a hundred listens.