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One of the best Stoner albums ever - 93%

yeentrancemperium, September 11th, 2003

In my opinion this is the best Orange Goblin album and one of the best stoner metal albums ever. There are at least 7 outstanding songs on here, with absolutely killer riffs, that will have you headbanging, or in other places just nodding your head. It's actually pretty aggressive for a stoner album. The whole album has a cool atmosphere, like the band just went into the studio and had a blast. Drummer Chris Turner supposedly recorded his parts in one take. Ben Ward responsible for "hangovers and occasional vocals" does a great job, his voice fits the music perfectly. Joe Hoare and Pete O'Malley are the main culprist in coming up with some memorable riffwork, as in Blue Snow, Solarisphere, Shine and Time Travelling Blues. Let's not forget the best instrumental track I've heard that being Diesel (Phunt) Try not to headbang to this one.

The 10th track is a riot bonus track of the totally wasted band trying to play this acoustic piece that should last like 20 seconds. It takes them around 6 minutes or so.

If you like massive 70's influenced guitarriffs with plenty of aggression and great hooks, as well as catchy songs, you need to pick this one up.