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Magnum Opus? - 92%

Starkweather222000, May 20th, 2009

"Kill 'em All" and "Ride The Lightning". "Battle Cry" and "Warning Of Danger". "The Warning" and "Rage For Order". While talking about other genres, I'm sure we all catch my train of thought.

"Time Travelling Blues" is the natural progression of a band. They scored a B+ with their debut, got through the baptism of fire, and in their second album, they appear to be much more focused, much more experienced and so much better songwriters. This is just obvious right from the time "Blue Snow" starts to roll in. Only little of the psychedelia furor of "Frequencies..." survived into "TTB" and that's a good thing, because the songs sound tighter and edgier, while still having these mellower interludes that allow them to breathe and don't get too predictable. And apart from all that analysis and philosophy, this albums just contains purely better songs than the previous one- "Solarisphere", "Shine", "Snail Hook", "Nuclear Guru". The riffs are still really heavy but the production sounds better, keyboards play their righteous part (which is accompanying the guitar work and not the other way around), Ward is still drunk, stoned and ready to swallow us alive, and the lyrics are just what you thought them to be, spaced out, fuzzed out, unexplainable, something of a drug-related vision or behemoth.

"TTB" is the kind of album that characterizes a genre, not like they invented heavy rock with this one, but more like it's such a good ambassador of that scene. Everything you would expect from a terrific stoner (eeeew term) album is here in enormous quantities so, what more would you possibly want? Testosterone flows in rivers while the Goblin riffs storm your ears with ferocity, putting "TTB", rightfully, in the category of heavy rock landmarks, like "Dopes To Infinity", "Welcome To Sky Valley" or "Mantra III". They deserve it actually. They're a great band, and this is their magnum opus, undoubtedly.