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Raw diamond - 82%

Starkweather222000, May 20th, 2009

Orange Goblin is a band mostly underrated-I mean, who ever mentions them when they talk about that ultra heavy rock (I'm not too familiar with the term "stoner" for some reason) of the 90's? Well that should be characterized as "so unfair". In my humble opinion, the first two OG albums are of exquisite quality and sure as hell claim a position in the pantheon of modern rock music.

"Frequencies From Planet Ten" (FFPT from now on) is a standard well made debut album. It's just as good as it should be to claim your attention, while there's still numerous things to be improved in the second one. A bit more on the spaced out, drugged and psychedelic side of heavy rock, something like Monster Magnet's "Superjudge" or so. It's pretty solid actually, and two of the tracks here are absolute 90's rock classics if you ask me, meaning "Magic Carpet Ride" and "Land Of Secret Dreams". These two do stand out, but it is the sense of completion of this album that leaves hope for the next ones. There is no boring songs, maybe a few parts are a lack of a surprise to a fan of the genre, but really now, except for Kyuss and Magnet, who really surprised you guys?

What matters here is that FFPT is well-composed, tight, well-played and genuinely interesting. The guitars sound just as terrifyingly heavy as they should, Ben Ward's vocals is the band's trademark right from A to Z and, all in all, anyone who gets to listen to this will have a good time. Rome wasn't built in one day and sure as hell only few can boast that reinvented the wheel when it comes to heavy rock. To-do list? Heavy riffs -tick. Lyrics under the influence -tick. Testosterone-freak vocals -tick. Impression that the next album would kick ass -three ticks.