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Incredible. - 100%

William_Bacon, February 2nd, 2007

I do not, or at least have not, ever chosen absolute favorites. But, after having this album for more than three months, I changed my mind.

This album is by a sizable margin my favorite album ever. In all honesty, I see absolutely no way whatsoever that it could be better.There is not a single bad or boring song. From the opener, "Your World Will Hate This", to the very last, "Stinkin' of Gin", you undergo the most amazing, grooviest onslaught of music imaginable. And when I say groovy, I mean both cool, and, well, that it has a nice groove to it.

The vocalist, Ben Ward, has an outstanding voice that fits the music flush, and on "Made of Rats" and "Jesus Beater", you get a taste of John Garcia, former Kyuss vocalist.

The guitars are probably my favorite part of the album, for they have an interestingly muddy tone, and the soloing, though maybe not the most technical, is some of my favorite ever recorded.

The bass and drums are great as well, with Martyn Millard laying down a series of fantastic grooves, and Chris Turner's drumming carries the songs along just oh so well.

I really like this type of production too, as it has a nice muddy, slightly fuzzy sound to it. It tastes alot like the '70s to me, but I may be wrong for I wasn't alive in those days.

Though I like all the songs a whole lot, I would say that the best, in no particular order, are Jesus Beater, Whiskey Leech, Made of Rats, Stinkin' of Gin, and Born With Big Hands. As my absolute favorite album, I of course recommend it to anybody, but especially fans of Traditional Doom and Stoner.