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Brutality incarnate? - 90%

Pr0nogo, October 11th, 2012

Oral Fistfuck is a family-unfriendly five piece from Switzerland. These occult fucks are well-versed in the arcane arts of three things: Satan, pentagrams, and brutal death metal. For some reason, these guys have yet to release more than one fifteen-minute demo offering in the name of our dark lord. Rectify this immediately, gents; we need more of you. In fact, we need something four times the girth of this demo. Give us an hour long full-length, for Lucifer. Now, I know what you might be thinking: how the fuck did they win me over like this with a fifteen minute demo? Well...

The Swiss death metallers open with the explosive "Cult of Mictlan", which more than adequately serves the purpose of blowing your brain to bits upon first contact. The vocals on here get more brutal as time goes on - a welcome change from the norm - and eventually become such a crazy fusion of masterful gutter vocals and ridiculous screams and grunts. Sound familiar? You might have heard such a thing from Lord fuckin' Worm of Crypt-fuckin'-Opsy. While they're too young to be the reincarnation of the legendary gore slayers, they show a lot of potential and promise in that field. The gorier and more brutal vocals are beheld upon listening to the second track, "Starless", which is essentially a five-minute session of Satan's black cocks ramming into your ass at high velocity. Both of them. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not I mean both of Satan's cocks, or both of your asses.

After you get over the awesome vocals - correction, if you get over the awesome vocals - you'll notice that the guitars are bereft of solo work, but instead offer well-structured leads, riffs, and fills that serve as the framework from which Oral Fistfuck's sound is built upon. The dual guitarist dynamic provides a backing guitar that is always sounding off, which allows the powerful vocals and drumming to resound with even more force and brutality than they would have otherwise. What makes this style even better is that the basswork, while barely audible to all but the most careful of ears, provides the same exact kind of backing to the guitars. Yeah, that's right. Oral Fistfuck is brutal death metal's "Inception"; the bass boosts the guitars which boost the drums and vocals which boost the sound into your head so as to sever your brain stem. Okay, not exactly like the movie, but you get my point.

The drums contribute ever more to the Cryptopsy comparisons, making this already-ridiculous band seem even more out of control than before. Blast beats are a staple of brutal death metal, sure, but Oral Fistfuck learned how to take things slow in Metal 101. There are a few moments in this demo that involve a tempo that was half of what the song was previously, and though they never last too long, they do well to break up the songs. What's even crazier is that, thanks to the drums, even the slower parts sound off the fuckin' rails. Is that a mindfuck? Yeah. Is it awesome? Hell yeah. This band kills it with each of their three tracks, and delivers a refreshing brutal death metal listen that I've been waiting quite a while for. If you listen to nothing else on this demo, let it be "Starless" - but even then, you're cheating yourself. You can get it for free off their Facebook page as of the time of writing. What are you waiting for? Go!