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It's still brutal... - 86%

ombre, January 15th, 2008

Harsh, raw, and bombastic Norwegian Black Metal in the '92 tradition is what Opus Forgotten possessed. Releasing a vinyl for a classic style can be worth buying - if you own a record player. But Opus Forgotten, seriously injured some of the style from the once mighty scene of their country. Melodic guitars, some strings here were plucked like no tomorrow, while the ever bombarding bass guitars are pounding your soilbox to dust! The tempos are varied, but most used are mid-tempo. Wait a minute, a very slight keyboard appear but "that doesn't destroy the harshness" that this band tries to represent. Vocals sounds like "Secrets…"-era DARK FUNERAL and that speaks for all of the 2 songs appearing on this material. Power, fast, and heavy but for 2 songs (7" EP here, so?), how can I really decide? Not mentioning that the 2nd song "Our Last Quest" is not that good enough.