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Awesome, melodic, catchy and what a voice - 95%

ruigeroeland, October 24th, 2007

This is one of those bands I came across when randomly browsing metal-archives in the everlasting quest for unknown good music. Metal-archives describes the band as a blend of Gothic and Heavy Metal. According to their own bio though, Opticollide make melodic, metal edged rock. I guess the Gothic tag got lumped in the mix because of the female singer (as is the case with an awful lot of Female Fronted bands it seems), because this is not Gothic at all.

Focus of the music are the astounding vocals of Adara Blake, damn, this girl can sing! Adara has a deep voice, which is highly enjoyable to listen too. She is supported by male vocals in some of the songs, ranging from gruff - giving the songs some extra edge - to clean.

The music is indeed up-tempo and rocky, but certainly on the metal side of the spectrum. Instrumentally, the focus is the guitar, with some ear-candy riffing. But the whole band delivers a solid performance.

Main plus for the band is the great songwriting, the songs are catchy and memorable, even after a few spins. There are legions of bands that are excellent musicians, but couldn’t write a good song to save their lives, then there are bands with great ideas, but lacking the skills to execute them properly. This band is one of those rare finds that is able to combine both.

It seems this release is everything we are going to get from this talented band, because they split-up after the release of their album. A shame really, all I can hope for is that they will continue their work in other projects and it seems Adara is working on some solo material, I would certainly be interested in hearing that.