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Good punky black metal. - 67%

ᴎostalgiʞK, May 23rd, 2019

This band managed to mix two genres in a perfect way (one of those are my favorite).

The dissonant riffs of the black metal mixed with a cruel and raw recording production of the punk and harsh vocals make this even gloomiest, the bass volume above all the instruments being accompanied by the snare drums are amusing.

Guitar riffs and the vocals echoes fit perfectly generating a darkness, crude, cruel and cold atmosphere, a somber cave, a melancholic trip. The record possess clean vocals without any kind of fucking irrelevant Autotune or something similar to those programs, here we could encounter classic punk choruses.

Guitars are really distorted producing inharmonious riffs, but at the same time, they are really melodic and nostalgic. The before mentioned guitars are played with a lot less volume than the rest of the instruments, which is very common in the punk, the high pitched vocals seem to uproot part of the soul of morbid beings, the “shrieks” with echoes, and the depressing ambient they produce being escorted by the rest of the atmosphere formed by all the compositions of the band are splendid.

The drums are always fast, raw, snare, rough, simple, but in a way that fits impeccably. Constant D-beat you will find here and a bass with over volume above all the rest of the instruments that always follows the guitars riffs impeccably as well.

The cover art does not seems to approach the music produced, because there’s not too much hate or attempt of murdering here, just a really mournful, murky, dark space. We could think about demons, but the music essence is more in depressives’ vibes making coldly shattered atmospheres with certainly painful reality.

Conclusion: Really catchy, beauty and nice unmelodious riffs, immersive lugubrious vocals, fast and well-played drums, over-powered bass.
67% - An original, distinctive, inspirative and wonderful underground album.