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Ever been lost at sea? - 68%

Diarrhea_Face, October 7th, 2005

Alright, here we go. I heard a lot about this album for many years, so just recently I decided to pick it up. As the first track starts I begin to think, oh man what have I done, I had forgotten that Legion (Vocals) is present on this album. Which isn't exactly bad, but I have always been somewhat turned off by his style from listening to Marduk. Anyway it starts off with a somewhat pleasent acoustic based intro with spoken word over top which drifts into a melody played by Emil Nodtveidt and into the second track. So this is where the album actually starts and I immediately notice how clean the production is. I guess for this style of music; that basically consists of folk rock grooves laden with progressive jazz melodies, it is acceptable. However I thought it could have been much more interesting if they had layered some guitars behind all or at least some of the constant melodies. This is not the case though, so that's why the production kind of bugs me, well that and the fact that the bassist just follows the guitarist for the most part. Now with that aside I try to just focus on the actual music, which isn't all that bad, but I found it somewhat repetitive and bland. This in part could be because of drumming, the job is done however this too is somewhat basic. The album has some good tracks such as the third passage entitled "After a Releasing Death/Castle of No Repair(Part II)" This started to pick up my hopes after being somewhat dissapointed with the first couple tracks. It gives the album a sense of movement because it is a very straight forward again melody based groove. Perhaps because this track is pretty good it gives the rest of the album a sort of stagnant feel. Afterwards they try some funk/rock oriented breakdowns, which to me come off rather cheesy. I don't see a lot of variation and thus give the album a mediocre, however better than average score for originality. This is just my opinion, other's may like to hear a bunch of guitar riffs, but personally I like to hear good song structure and writing, not fancy lick after fancy lick. If you are into the Swedish sound ala Opeth/Dissection most likely you will enjoy this. Warning!....... This is not black metal, so find some mp3's before the thought of purchasing this.

PS The title is in reference to how the album makes me feel. It's like being in a tiny boat floating around the sea and starving to death in the end, ah so bleak it is.