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Endless Riffs - 94%

Danthrax_Nasty, October 18th, 2003

Alls here that you would expect from a prominent band from the mid 90s Swedish BM scene. This album is a long, progressive rock based, metal record with a strong ensemble of musicians and creativity. Humorously inside the insert they send- " a big fuck off to count grishnackh (cunt krishna)....We'll Get You "- revealing alittle of where they stand, and saying something about the scene, and time this record was released.

Of the ten tracks, the tenth song being a true Mayhem cover and the nineth (A Lonely Ceremony / The Eternal Walk) being a re-recorded version of an older track not intended for the release, every song,...let me repeat, every song is great (IMO). There are many strong points where the bands technical abillities shine forth, ( i.e. A Winterlands Tear or Black as Sin, Pale as Death) and a general nack for well arranged vocal patterns that just flow. Large amounts of harmonies, leads, and just all around great riffs are present here.

I really wouldnt say that this band is very similiar to any other bands, (atleast non that I can think of) and I feel that this is a very original release. Ground breaking may be going to far, but strong and original definitely. There are some aspects to the band which may keep some from being able to get into the music wholely. Those aspects are probably the catchyness of alot of riffs, the experimental riffage, and harmonies (layering, etc.), and maybe the ultra tight musicians, production, and sound, not to mention the all the music can be an odd contrast to the bands that were big at the time.

I highly recomend this to any who appreciate the mid 90's Swedish BM scene, and to those in search of something very different. This is true metal regardless of what is said about them, in my opinion of course.

Side note:
A "Via Dolorosa" is a spiritual journey (and 13 station real treck) that a christian takes to to rewalk the steps Jesus took on route from Pilate's judgment hall to Calvary, and I think, in contrast, that the title is a fitting one due to the lyrical content focusing mainly on journey, discovery, mental awakening, and sacrifice. Also the long drawen out songs help to fit the intended message (or atleast that what I get out if).