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Only two songs, but two GOOD songs - 90%

Cravinov13, March 23rd, 2007

This single is the bonus disc on the deluxe edition of Opeth’s 2001 classic ‘Blackwater Park’ that came out in 2003. Although I have to say I was rather disappointed in the short two track disc when I first heard it, but it started to grow on me as I listened to it a few more times. The songs sound like they could fit on the 2003 ‘Damnation’ album.

The songs are both very solid tracks showing off Opeth’s melodic, prog rock side of music. Mikael Ákerfeldt has a beautiful voice that really fits the melody of the music. The guitars, bass, and drums work together to create powerful and emotional atmospheres. When compared to ‘Damnation’ (or any melodic Opeth song ever made), these tracks are easily ranking in the top 5 (I personally prefer the heavier sounds of ‘Still Life’ and ‘Blackwater Park’ over this).

Although it’s only an extra two tracks, this single is worth owning, whether it’s hunting down the rare solo disc on eBay, or buying the deluxe reissue of ‘Blackwater Park’ (this way is much easier), these two songs are worth the trouble. Overall, I think the songs would be better as bonus tracks on ‘Blackwater Park’ or ‘Damnation’ then on a separate disc, they are still standouts among the arsenal of Opeth songs out there. A must own for any fan.