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Opeth: More Coherent! - 86%

natrix, January 23rd, 2009

I'm not the world's biggest Opeth fan, but I like their first three albums a lot. I honestly don't think their the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they are certainly not completely void of redeeming qualities.

This one feels more song oriented, and overall a lot heavier than the other two. No doubt this is due to Martin Lopez' very aggressive drumming, which is instantly distinguishable from his predecessor, Anders Nordin's more jazzy approach. Martin is more metal; direct, precise, and concise. Michael Akerfeldt plays the bass on here, and he really adds nothing more than competent bass lines. That of course takes away another technical aspect which was the fretless bass lines from the previous albums. Once again, more streamlined, more coherent, and more metal.

There are more songs on here, and overall, they're shorter than anything Opeth had done previously. They're also a lot faster and the riffs generally feel nastier, both in terms of presentation and design. Sadly, the structures can be more jarring, as well. Regardless, My Arms, Your Hearse doesn't linger like its rather ghostly predecessors, but rears its ugly head, causing some slight mayhem, then leaving.

Amazingly, my favourite piece on here has to be the closing "Epilogue," which feels watery, distant, and extremely mournful. The guitar harmony in there is phenomenal, as well. It sounds like it crawled right out of the 1970's.

Good album, and I think that straight up metal fans would be much more receptive towards this album than anything else in Opeth's discography, due to the more agressive nature and concise songs, but it's still an Opeth album, meant to be enjoyed as a whole.