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A different step - 83%

meedley_meedley, August 15th, 2004

This album was a slightly different direction for the band. The production is much better. The bass is not a big part of the music anymore, or at least for this album. The clean vocals are much better and trained and have finally become what they are known for. The distorition on the guitars are much heavier. One of the big things here is the length of the songs. There's 9 songs with the longest being 9:16. Most are in the 6-7 minute mark on average. (That's short compared to most other Opeth songs. But this album is still good nonetheless. There are lesser amounts of standout songs here, for this is a more consistent album.

The prologue is ok, with some rain heard, then a piano bit.

Clean vocals build up in April Eathereal, one of their more popular songs. This is one of the heavier songs here. It's mind blowing.

When is an intense song. The clean vocals are one of the best parts here. This has nice chords and progressions. This is probably the lighter song on the album, although there is much intensity to be found here. Good riff at 4:16. It'd be nice if that riff lasted longer, maybe with some leads mixed in. Could've been some real headbanging stuff. All in all, great song. A little overlooked.

Madrigal is a short 'intermission' in the album and builds up into the next song.

The Amen Corner is a highly melodic song. This song really showcase what the norm for the clean vocals would become on furture songs. This is a true gem of a song. There also very nice melodic leads throughout.

Demon of the Fall is the most popular song from MAYH. A bit overrated but probably the highlight of the album. Weird sounds start which give way to a HEAVY as FUCK riff. This is probably also the darkest song. The heaviness and intensity are found all over. The vocals are almost unhuman. More riffs follow and just kick more ass. Acoustics do a little piece which is taken over by the heaviness and just blows you the fuck away! INTENSE! Also much more intense live. The chorus, if you want to call it that, it just so mindblowing. This has to be the better of their songs, mainly cause the song makes sense to the average listener, as it is more consistent. The dark, mellow part is cool, but doesnt last long. For the intensity returns, but is met by a more melodic feel. Clean vocals come in now. The diversity from heavy as hell intensity, to beautiful melodies is absolutly superb. You can obviously tell this is the best song here.

Credence is a little quiet and moody. The clean vocals finally make a very huge impact here, whereas before it was only brought in during intense parts. This is a nice little piece of music.

Karma scares the shit out of you after listening to the previous track. It gets going right away. This is intense, but not as great as the other tracks.

Epilogue closes the album (obviously). It's an instrumental and has some really beautiful stuff. Reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd. Very nice leads.

This is good stuff. I'd get Blackwater Park first If i wanted to get into Opeth.