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One Of Their Greatest - 95%

SonOfHades, July 21st, 2011

"My Arms, Your Hearse" simply has to be called one of Opeth's best albums to date. It may be one of their oldest, but that doesn't stop it from entrancing you with fantastic guitar riffs and the signature death metal and clean vocals that Mikael performs flawlessly.

The album gets off to a brilliant start with the songs Prologue, April Ethereal and When, all three linking together perfectly. Any avid listener of Opeth will not be disappointed with these songs. Prologue leads the listener into the epic riff factory that is April Ethereal and that gives a fantastic performance which then carries onto When in which there are even more great riffs and some acoustic guitar work that mesmerise the listener with their tranquillity amongst to usual loudness of death metal.

When then links into Madrigal which basically begins the guitar riff for the next song: The Amen Corner. Along with April Ethereal and When, this song captivates its audience, especially with the acoustic breakdown in the middle of the song. It comes as an unexpected, but nice surprise, and sets the songs tone perfectly. This then leads into the next song worthy of note: Demon Of The Fall. This song is considered by many to be the best song on the album and has been played as an encore at many Opeth concerts. It is well deserved of its title as best song on the album for a variety of reasons, one being that it has one of the greatest riffs of death metal history and that it’s catchy as hell.

The next song does seem a bit pointless, but it relaxes the listener after some great songs before it. It also sets up the next song, called Karma which is the final song worthy of a high mention. It is consistent and it has a great riff near the beginning of the song which sets the stage for the rest of the song. It is a great song to start an end to an album, its smooth riffs and acoustics make it a great song to play and listen to. Epilogue finishes off the album with an old heavy metal sounding riff and brings what could be a perfect ending to a perfect album.