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Opeths only consistent album - 92%

Sanjaya, May 18th, 2006

Lets get something out into the clear right off the bat. This band is NOT technical, whoever came up with that notion was unable to hold their attention for a couple of minutes and adjust the intrinsic melody latent in their head with the changing tempo's, rhythyms, and song structures of opeth - hence in their inability to keep up with the everchanging and overused musical interludes within an opeth song, they found an scapegoat that is the term "technical."

People love and hate opeth for all the wrong reasons, and as for the anti-opeth league, i can symphatize with your argument that the band can get obtrusely boring which brings me to why i consider My Arms, Your Hearse to be the most musically adept, easy flowing, distinctive and memorable album.


The songs are not overtly long, as compared to the atrocious Deliverance, the clean vocals are used sparingly and the guitars sound thicker and more fuller. Unlike, say Still Life, where Opeth hammers you with the atmospheric materpiece that is The Moor, then slowly fading into an confusing frenzy of acoustic poetry mangled with deranged strong structures, eg, Face of Melinda, White Cluster.

MAYH, fortunately does not suffer from losing its conceptual design with the chasms of atrociously layered music as the arrangements have a precdictable tempo and resonance while keeping in lieu with the story line - (which by the way is pretty interesting in its own right)

Oh, and it is short, by Opeth standards, and i am sure that is fine by anyone familiar with opeth.

For the fanboys, the biggest blunder that you committed was to judge opeth as technical, and while i am mostly a fan, i just cannot see how that idea was born. Any well rounded metal head, especially ones into Death Metal can easily rip apart that argument into shreds, and rightly so.

What i am indebtted to opeth for and this album in particular, is the fact that listening to the band made me appreciate harsh vocals, that got me profoundly into the death metal scene, so kudos in that regard.

Opeth are a band droning their musical abilities, exxagerating them far beyond the limits of our brains capacity to appreciate, filter and resonate the music they play, because their sound complicates, disarrays, overuses and changes melody so frequently they shoot themsels in their own foot by not giving us a chance to listen to the simplistic beauty of the music they are capable of creating.

They cannot dig themselves out of this hole, by either the fans or the band using an excuse such a "Technical."