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Absolutly Excellent Gothic Rock - 96%

Endemoniada, April 5th, 2008

I did'nt know about this Greek gothic rock band until I joined Dawnrazor uk (an excellent Fields of The Nephilim fan site). So I went on their myspace site and had a listen to some of their songs and I was pretty damn impressd with what I heard. I downloaded 'senseless' from their official site and although it took me a little while to get into, but when I did I loved it. It starts out with a very interesting bass and drum intro, excellent lryrics and soon erupts into really great riffs.

The album was soon ordered afterwards from the band themselves, it cost only 10 euro but what an excellent purchace it was! This is the type of gothic rock that people who love bands like 'Fields of The Nephilim, Sisters of Mercy & Nosferatu will absolutly love. It also has an amazing old skool guitar sound to it.

'Occult' starts out with the truly excellent opening song 'Dancing with Shadows', it starts out with an errie backwords voice and then kicks into very catchy riffs and keyboard arrangments, and it gets better with both the errie 'Hopes On Crystal & Deep Waters'.

The song 'Opened Paradise' is quite good and it has a very good sence of urgency to it but its not not bad and probably not my favourite, hence the 9/10 score. Things start to get really really interesting with 'Prayers for The Damned' with samples from 'Aleister Crowley', funeral like drums, errie keys, imaginative lryrics and a real sence of forebodding.

'Senseless' and the haunting 'All Dreams Like Men' come up next and both are supberb and very memorable . The album ends with the outstanding and astonishing 'Distant Walks Through Shifting Light' which starts off slow and rises up to a majestic climax. If you've ever heard 'Last Exit For The Lost' by Fields of The Npehilim and you'll know what I mean. The middle of this song has a beautiful piano/spoken word/accoustic part before it picks up speed again and ends the album on a really high note.

Here is the track listing and my score for each song:

1. Dancing With Shadows 10/10
2. Hopes On Crystal 10/10
3. Deep Waters 10/10
4. Prayers For The Damned 10/10
5. Opened Paradise 7/10
6. Senseless 9.5/10
7. All Dreams Like Men 10/10
8. Distant Walks Through Shifting Light 10/10

9. Bonus Track: Closer 8/10