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A toothless dragon. - 20%

hastings, November 3rd, 2005

This has to be one of the biggest disappointments… ‘Power from Hell’ & ‘The Force’ are two very different albums, but both managed to capture some incredibly killer tunes and atmosphere. ‘In Search of Sanity’, however, is very dull, tame and flavourless. The musical equivalent of being bashed to death with a fluffy toy. Let us dissect this failure…
Yet another vocalist change brings Steve Grimmett into the picture. Very melodious, schooled and correct in his pitch. That’s the problem! It’s too ‘goody goody’ sounding. A lame attempt at softening and commercialising Onslaught. Where are the satanic references? Where is the danger?
The guitar playing of Nige ‘Rockett’ is super clean & too light. The song structure he’s written is weak, boring and there are too many solos. I’m sure it’s so he could show off how ‘mature’ he had become since ‘Power From Hell’. There’s hardly any shred (Lightning War is an exception). Instead he provides us with over-produced, over-clean power ballads.
They even desecrate AC/DC with a horrible cover of Let There Be Rock. Why??? I’m sure the corpse of Bon Scott is vomiting in his crypt.
Instead of moving the band into another level of fame and fortune, this record seemed to kill them. Don’t waste your time with this. But don’t overlook their previous work either. Before ‘In Search Of Sanity’ they did release some intense headbangers. They receive the highest recommendation from me. This one… receives a pitiful score of 20%. It’s for die-hard collectors and bargain bin buyers only!